Monday, April 29, 2013

Is It The Same Love?

Does telling your beloved
Ain’t no mountain high enough
Mean the same in LA
As is does in Telluride?

After all, in Telluride
You’re over halfway there
So maybe it stands less than
Half as high, this love of yours.

Maybe love in Leadville should be
Held even more in suspicion
Since at best and by definition
It’s but one-third Mountain-high.

For us in our Cloud Cities
We don’t have as far to go
In order to prove the extent
Of the tiptop of our love.

Besides, there’s probably still
A chairlift in operation
Carrying us there
And no Santa Anas to deal with.

Yet lookit all the smack
We disparagingly throw down upon
Los Angeles and Hollywood
About how their loves are fickle and faint.

Down there in the Land of Make Believe
Their loves are truer, fought harder for
There at the very base of their mountains
And also an Atlantic yet to swim.

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