Friday, April 26, 2013

Daily Poems: 17- 20 April 2013

20 Apr 13
come spring, soon

this winter of your
disconnect has 
persisted far too long
the soil under your feet
is ready enough

so may my wishes
and my blessings
like river vapor rising
upward and higher
waft their way to thee

until the rains of spring
sprout seeds of hope
you'd forgotten you'd planted
bearing finally the succulent
fruits of your labors

19 Apr 2013
in the beginning were the words

i only exist because of
the words i leave behind
on the pages
the computer screen
brick walls
bathroom walls

it’s not a reciprocal
existence between us
words came first
and i from them
they were here before
and shall long remain after

hanging about me
they’re in the ether
i am but only
messenger and
relayer and

as long as they
remain visual
i still am
but as they fade
so likewise will i

18 Apr 2013

that week it snowed unendingly
when you thought you would
never be warm ever—
yet the clouds parted

the juneday it rained so profusely
and thoroughly we waited for
frogs to begin falling—
but the clouds parted

too, your long dark night
pitched deeper than night
no wholly moon to guide—
then the clouds parted

and now
it’s yet another goodbye
still one more time again
the world claustrophobic—
until the clouds’ parting

17 Apr 2013

this van is bound for glory

don't need no dead-ass dinosaurs
don't need no discarded fryer oil
don't even need no extension cord
this here van runs on flower power

don't need no pistons jumpin'
don't need no diesel slurrin'
don't even need no wankel "mmmm"in'
for on this here van love is the engine

don't need no highway mappage
don't even need downloaded directions
'cause this here van is bound for glory
and there ain't but the One Road there

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