Saturday, April 27, 2013

Daily Poems: 09 - 12 April 2013

12 April 2013
We Need to Talk Haiku

shouldn’t be so hard
this daily living together
loving together

and yet all it seems
is hard rather than easy
rather than simple

we’re stuck in our ruts
sticking to the wrong routes
the wrong destinations

let’s come together
as in our beginning when
love was all we grew

when nothing at all
not even our very selves
could come between us

aren’t really so hard
these walls not protecting us
say, let’s tear ‘em down

11 April 2013
A Good Day to Fly

I think today is the day I will disappear
I’ll simply remove my existence
And vanish myself from view

I’ve carried for far too long the burden
Of being always there for those who
Are always choosing not to see

Of laying open my heart to others
And loving in-vein while watching
Ignoring love passing me by

So today I will simply slip away
Going darkly into the light
More fully unto emptiness

Like a coital moan sighed in the night
Like dreams in the broad daylight
Dissipatingly drifting away

This whispered sayonara’d goodbye

10 April 2013
Calling In To Work (Again)

I know it seems to you
I'm always making excuses
Forever calling in
And right when I'm supposed
To already be at my desk
But this time it's for real
(Not saying any of the others were false)
And further it's a verifiable
Act of God
And seeing as how my work
Is itself a Vocation
Hence a Calling by God
I'm calling in to say,
This day, God's calling off
My Calling.

09 April 2013
One morning a man named Ed
Awoke a-sucked in his bed
He said to himself, It's true
There is so much to do
Yet under the covers went deeper instead.

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